Star Wars Math

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Star Wars Force Math Joke

Saw this on a Snorgtees shirt and thought I’d share it here.

Star Wars Force Math Joke


Force = Mass * Acceleration.

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Root Beer to Ponder On

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If I poured root beer into a square glass, would I end up with just beer?



Dog Math

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math comics dog bones fingers

Find more comics from Randy Glasbergen at


Do Dogs Really Enjoy Eating Homework?

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dog chooses math homework for dinner

I knew it!

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Age is Just a Number…or is it?

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Age is not a number its a word

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This guy ain’t one of us!

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square root rebellion

I can’t decipher the signature but I like this comic.  Perfect for election season.

On another note, -2 * -2 is also 4!

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Mr. Atwadder Tells It Like It Is

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who cares square root

Thanks to Randy Glasbergen for creating this comic!

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Do Mathematicians Make the Best Lovers?

Posted by MathYou on November 30, 2015 in Cool |

How to Say I Love You with Math

This nerd is impressed.  I just need to remember this if I’m ever around a woman and a chalk board.

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“Go Fly a Kite!” — If Peanuts Appeared in Scientific American

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Charlie Brown Kite Math Comic

I’m planning to go see the new Peanuts movie in the theater tomorrow.  I’ve also got the animated Thanksgiving special at home ready to go.  So since I’m in the Peanuts mood I thought it was a great time to share this comic.

What is really cool is that this was originally published in Mad Magazine way back in September of 1960.  The title was “If Peanuts Appeared in Scientific American”

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A Mean Math Comic

Posted by MathYou on November 23, 2015 in Online Strip |

If this comic is too mean for you then I apologize in advance; yes, I have the means to do that.

mean math comic

This comic is from

Means on Wikipedia

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